May9-11,2017 Food and Hospitality Africa
Jan 20,2019
The 2017 Food and Hospitality Africa (F&HA2017) was grandly opened on May 9th in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a well-known and most influential whole series of cold chain solutions and equipment providers in China, Kaixue Cold Chain has made a strong attack on this South Africa exhibition. Kaixue Cold Chain is making great efforts to build a world-class Chinese brand through the layout of the international market.

At this exhibition, Kaixue highlighted the vertical air curtain cabinet, the European island freezer, and the nose mount all electric truck refrigeration unit, etc. The air curtain cabinet is characterized by bright shape and multi-angle large field of view, suitable for brand products display; European island freezer, five-sided cooling, low power consumption, low noise and reliable performance, becoming the preffered product of foreign channel customers, refrigerated truck new energy refrigeration unit adopts ultra-thin evaporator, which is light in weight, small in size, high in efficiency and high in airflow. During the exhibition, the industry people who came to understand the consultation were in a constant stream, and they gave positive comments on Kaixue's products. In addition, Kaixue Cold Chain participated in the International Food Hotel Exhibition has received attention and reports from COLD LINK, which is the most influential cold chain media in South Africa and even in Africa.
Food and Hospitality Africa, the only food, beverage and hotel trade show in the South African region, was formed by the merger of Hostex (South Africa Hotel Show), which has been in South Africa for 30 years, and the equally prestigious IFEA (South African Food Show). F&HA 2017 was successfully held at the Gallagher Convention and Exhibition Center in Johannesburg, South Africa on May 9-11, 2017. During the three-day period, more than 310 exhibitors will be able to attract more than 21,000 visitors. As the largest catering hotel exhibition in the African continent, you can reach retailers, hotels and restaurants in Africa.

As the only full-service cold chain solution and equipment provider in China, Kaixue Cold Chain participated in the South Africa exhibition. During the exhibition, many foreign customers came to the booth and gave high praise. On the first day of the exhibition, the exhibits were scheduled to be robbed by local interested merchants, and the subsequent and more continuous cooperation was finalized at the exhibition site, which created the fastest record of the company's participation in the intention to get the order.

Under the background of economic globalization, the independent innovation and leap-forward development of enterprises are crucial to the development of enterprises. The Kaixue cold chain has stepped out of the country and actively deployed the international market. It has received high attention from customers in the local market and even in southern Africa, laying a solid foundation for further expansion and strengthening. In the future, Kaixue Cold Chain will cooperate with more international enterprises and customers, continue to lead the benchmark of China's cold chain industry, achieve sustained and rapid development, and build China's national cold chain brand.