KX-350K for Cuba
Jan 20, 2019
The SuperSnow KX-350K Direct Drive truck refrigeration unit from Kaixue is suitable for insulated truck bodies up to 5.1 meters in length, with internal volume from 15m3~25m3.

Depending on box type, construction, insulation as well as product load and precooling, it is designed to be capable of maintaining - 20degC at extreme ambient temperatures of up to +45degC Capacity at test condition of +30degC ambient and box temperature of - 18degC is 2260 Watts on Engine Drive;1760 Watts on Electric Standby. (Voltage Options 230V/1/50Hz; 380V/3/50Hz or 230V/3/60Hz ). Either 12Volt or 24VDC chassis options. Airflow is 1750m3/hr.

Refrigerant is HFC 404a(HFC 134a option is available).

ARI cooling capacity will be published shortly.
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